The projects we set up in Wrike our cross-functional and involve Sourcing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing, and Distribution. Frequently multiple groups are involved in a single "process." We attempted to use workflows to step through these processes but the inability to give each person a specific amount of time within the defined total window was an obstacle. To combat this we created PROCESS PARENT tasks that include subtasks for each step of the process. By doing this, I can define the steps of the process each with a clearly defined window of time - this prevents people at the end of the process from getting "squeezed" because someone ahead of them took too long. Addtionally, because of the individual tasks and dates, people can see what is coming their way via their task list and can better prepare. I can set also dependencies to so people are notified properly, etc. The biggest benefit to this style for management is that they can see the dates of the overall process at a glance without having to sort through all the individual tasks.

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Hello Denise Runge, thank you for taking the time to share your best practice here 🙌🏼

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