Spaces, dashboards, teams and project leaders

The case:
As our company is consisting of many different departments with different fields of work. We do however collaborate a lot across the different teams, but usually not on the same field of work. The main issue was that the project leaders needs to maintain control over multiple teams and spaces at the same time, and was somewhat messy with a lot of different changes to projects going on at the same time.

The solution:

  • We have multiple spaces, one for each of the teams, and some separate for specific areas of responsibilities within those teams.
  • We've created multiple workflows, both for tasks within the spaces, and for the project-folders to see the entire project status.
  • Multiple dashboards tailored to personal and team based views, with overview over task statuses and project statuses
  • Dashboards for status meetings for a quick overview of the project statuses and active projects for each project leader
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Great use case, thank you for sharing it along with the solution Thomas Won Nyheim 🤗

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