Deadline on the Gantt chart

Hello! I apologize for my English.

In the Gantt chart, we see the vertical bar for today. I propose to add the ability to put such lines on any dates you want.

Why is this needed?

I only started using Wrike recently, but we have a large project, with folders and subfolders, main tasks, etc.

I know the date when the project is due to end, but I cannot display it on the diagram. I don't see which tasks are outside the deadline.

What am I asking for?
We need more (gold) More vertical lines for the Gantt chart!

So that we ourselves set the desired date for the line.

Workarounds I came up with for myself

Filters. Of course.

Second way - I created a custom field Deadline (date), and a second Calculation Deadline field with the formula (Task Due Date - Deadline). Now I can see the problems, but only in table view.


Thank You!

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Hi Никита Агеев,

why are you not using milestones?
Milestones can be clearly seen and if you filter for milestones you can clearly see all your fixed dates / deadlines.
Also if you make milestones the highest order and put all tasks leading to a milestone as subtask to it you can clearly see when a task expires the requiered date given by the milestone.
I think the milestones can give you everything you asked for and with filtering also necessray reports about dates.
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Ok, I will try. Thank you!

But more vertical lines would be better 😃


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