Scroll Bars on Gantt Chart

Please add scroll bars to the Gantt Chart view.

A horizontal scroll bar exists for Workload charts, but not Gantt charts. These are both timeline based layouts, and it makes no sense that there is no scroll bar for the Gantt chart.

The biggest issue with not having scroll bars is that you have to click and drag with the house on the Gantt chart itself to scroll it. You also click and drag to set or move dates on tasks so there is an overlap of functionality.  I have accidentally assigned a random date to a task or moved task dates many times just by trying to scroll. This is a real pain. With a sizable project, accidentally moving the dates of a task on the Gantt chart can be very difficult to notice or correct as you don't know what the date was previously.

It's dangerous and frustrating to screw up your dates because you were just trying to scroll. Simply adding a scroll bar as it is in other views, like the Workload chart, would solve this issue. It's not hard, and would have a positive improvement for ALL users.

Please address this issue.

Thank you.

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Hi Jason Pontius, thank you for sharing your use case and your feedback. I've made aware our Product team of your suggestion here 👍🏼

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