External Users: Permission and views

Hi - we've run up against an issue on External Users - and have 3 pieces of feedback/questions.

  1. Why does an external user view change (reducing/adding columns) change the view of the Regular user view. Why are these not separate/isolated?
  2. Similarly - why can we not set columns a client can see in a report/timelog as part of their user access? Or is that a function at the enterprise level? We'd prefer to set these views for our clients, not natively allow them to see more as external users. 
  3. I'd like to put forward separating the 'Delete tasks/Subtasks and Detach Subtasks' under Permissions/Editor into one permission setting for Delete Tasks/Subtasks and another for Detach Subtasks. Detaching subtasks isn't as much as an issue as deleting tasks/subtasks. Having them mashed together limits their potential actions. 


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Hi Kate Russell, thank you for posting your feedback in relation to External Users in Wrike, I will pass it on to our Product team 👍

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