Setting Effort using effortAllocation

Hey folks!

I'm having some issues setting Effort using the API. Per the "tasks" page in the API Documentation, I'm trying to set a task's Effort using effortAllocation in a POST request, but the tasks will not upload if I include it. My JSON for effortAllocation is as follows:

effortAllocation: {
"mode": "Basic",
"allocatedEffort": 90,
"totalEffort": 90

I append that to my URI in JavaScript as follows:


Also of note:

  • When I don't include effortAllocation, the tasks push into the desired folder just fine
  • I have tried building my JSON object with just "mode" and "allocatedEffort", "mode" and "totalEffort" and, even just with "mode", but none of them have properly loaded
  • Other JSON objects stringify without breaking the request
  • I'm using a Wrike Enterprise Basic account, if that were to effect anything

Any help with this would be immensely appreciated!

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