How to get ownerId to create Project in Wrike API

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I'm trying to create a Project using Wrike API but I'm bit confused about some of Project parameter which are "ownerIds" and "customStatusId". What are the "ownerIds" and "customStatusId" and how can I get these to create Project by using Wrike API.

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Hi Aqib Bhatti,

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When creating a project via API, you can assign a user (or users) from your account to be the project owner. You will need to use the "ownerIds" parameter to do this. The "customStatusId" parameter is how you can specify the status of your project when using a custom workflow status instead of the default workflow.

Here is an example of the POST command in Postman to create a new project using the above mentioned parameters:{"ownerIds":["KUGE3U2I"],"customStatusId":"IEALODQYJMEVBVCQ","startDate":"2021-01-15","endDate":"2021-01-31"}&title=Test 

You can get the IDs of all the users in your account with a GET command of: 
The ID of the user you want to assign the project to should be used for the "ownerIds" parameter.

The IDs of your custom statuses can be found by using a GET command of: 

You can find the ID of the folder or space where the project will be created by using the permalink and a GET command of: copy/pasted from your Wrike workspace

You can find more details in the methods section of our API documentation here:

Please give it a try and let us know how it's going!

Have a productive day 😁

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