Allowing for "Preferred Name" field to sync with Azure AD

Please please PLEASE add a preferred name field that can sync with Azure AD. My company syncs our Wrike accounts with AD and so every time it does, it pulls in my legal first name as my name in Wrike (which is very different from the name I go by). The only override is to submit a ticket to my company helpdesk to manually change my first name in Wrike (since I don't have permissions), but then it changes back the first time the system syncs with AD. It's EXTREMELY frustrating - your name is your identity and to be forced to use a different name is not fun. And it's extremely confusing for other people who don't recognize my name and for team members trying to find and tag me. 

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Hey Leslie Jaeger, thanks for getting in touch about this. I can totally appreciate that this must be frustrating for you. 

I'm looking into this for you now and as soon as I have some more info to share I'll be back in touch.

If you need anything else in the meantime let me know 👍

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