How to add task to calendar that is anywhere

Hi - The calendar is very helpful. However, there's one thing that I either can't figure out how to do, or perhaps isn't possible. Most of our calendars are created using custom fields on tasks. This works great, except that when I want to create new calendars or layers, it forces me to pick a location to look for relevant tasks, when I really want the calendar to display from ALL locations just based on a custom field. So for example, I have a calendar of all our webinars. Webinars can live a bunch of different places in Wrike, depending on if they are done in-house or for/by a client, etc. I don't want to have to think of every Space or top level location that tasks might exist - I just want to search everywhere for any task with a specific custom field. 

I thought maybe if you left it blank, it would search everywhere, but it forces you to pick a location. I've also tried some generic words like "ALL" or "EVERYWHERE" but that's not a thing. I searched the database but can't find a similar issue, though it may be because I'm using different language to describe the issue. This has often resulted in it being too hard to explain to other staff why an event is/is not showing up on a calendar, when they've clicked the custom field correctly, not realizing the calendar isn't pulling from the location they stuck it in. I basically have to, when creating a calendar, add every single top-level location that we have, and that's tedious, especially if you use multiple layers to change views easily, but you can't duplicate a layer (so you have to do the location thing each time).

On a related note, it's similarly been difficult to explain to staff how to make custom fields visible, because they also can't be made universally visible on all tasks/projects at the time of creation. In addition to creating a custom field, you have to enable it at least at a folder/project level. I have to tell staff to switch the folder/project to Table view, scroll over, click the plus sign, and make visible an existing custom field. This is confusing. It's also easy to accidentally create a similar but technically different custom field just trying to get it pulled up. 

Generally, it would be helpful if there were more global options that admins could control, like the workflows - for example, management of global custom fields that you want to be visible on all tasks/projects. Or at least allow people to apply locations, similar to the way you do for the calendar, at the same time you are creating a custom field. 

Also, the way custom fields is done right now, considering how powerful of a feature that is for Wrike customization, does not make that much sense to a layperson. If you've done work with databases, you can see why it's done the way it is, but it's not a user-friendly front-end experience. I wouldn't need to enable global custom fields if it was easier for other people to figure out how to use them on tasks.

To summarize:

1. Make it possible when creating calendars to pick tasks in ALL locations

2. Make custom fields easier to use in general and/or allow admins to create "global" custom fields that are automatically visible everywhere, or the locations the user says when creating the custom field, rather than having to do it on a location by location basis.

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Hi Sara Abrons, thank you for reaching out! 🙂

Would you mind if I moved your post to our Product Feedback forum? It's a perfect place for product ideas like yours. 

For custom field management, the functionality similar to what you're describing is coming really soon, so please stay tuned for updates 🙌

Thank you for your detailed feedback! 

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