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Is there a way to view the full project either from Report, Dashboard or even from Stream Views? 

I like how we can do a quick popout but if there was an option to do a popout or even a full view so we (account/project managers) can see from a much more robust level that would be awesome! 

I am constantly bouncing in and out of projects (our current average proj length is 3weeks) and the ability to go more in-depth from any viewpoint (minus full right rail list from spaces) would be fantastic as well as being able to jump back where I was prior to looking at that project. 


Suggestions, thoughts, comments... I can't be the only one :( 

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Thank you for posting, Elizabeth Zonta! Do I understand correctly that you'd like to have a pop-up, but not just with the project view, but a project with all tasks and subtasks too? 

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Hi Lisa!

Yes that was the intent of the ask... sometimes I review quickly the request/project level and then there is a 50/50 shot I need to review the tasks to see where they are at. Having the ability to see that all together, from popup view would be very convenient :D

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Hi Elizabeth Zonta,

Thank you for the further clarification here! It's been passed on to the Product team. If there is any new information available in relation to this idea, I'll be sure to let you know.

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have more feedback or any questions!


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