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We use a series of external request forms to manage tasks from non-Wrike users. There are a couple of tactics we've found to be super helpful that I thought I'd share in case they might help other users. 


1 Requester Type = 1 Form

We are a lean, multi-functional creative services team and have different types of requests coming from various departments across our organization. For example, we get requests for product mockups from the sales team, internal platform branding for the HR team or campaign assets for the marketing team.

When we first started using forms, we had forms based on request type rather than requester type. This meant we had a lot of request forms & requesters had to figure out which one to use. We quickly realized this led to a lot of handholding & frequent request do-overs. 

So we started over & what we've found successful is to have a single, dynamic form for each major requester group. The forms start with basic info & have a dropdown for a list of request types, specific to that group, which branches to subsequent screens for detailed info & maps to task blueprints & dedicated folders. For rollout, we're able to provide the groups with a single form link to bookmark for all their requests.


Link management

My other key tip is to use a URL shortener with a custom URL for each form. Double benefit: 1) simple URL for people who don't use bookmarks & more training/chat/email-friendly; and 2) we're able to view some reporting from the URL shortener dashboard to see how often our form is used. We also added a section in our Space bookmarks section for external form quick links.

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TheDesignerd Thanks a lot for sharing that! 🙂

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