Better handling of mixed workdays and calendar days

We plan projects based on workdays only. However, there are some items that track things like off-site operations, travel, or shipment, which are tracked in calendar days. We have the option of setting this on a per-task basis, however when viewing tables or Gantt charts, there is no clear way to distinguish for any given task whether its duration is tracked in calendar or work days.

Some visual way to quickly tell these apart, e.g. showing them in different colors or columns, would be extremely useful to avoid confusion when presenting schedules and doing roll-ups.

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Thank you for suggesting, Scott Armitage! Are there any workarounds you're using for this right now? I think that Custom Fields could be a way to distinguish these durations. For example, you could set up a field with a title like Duration and make it a dropdown with two options - workdays and calendar days. You can then filter with this custom field to only see one type of duration at a time. 

Please let me know what you think! 

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