Integrating Wrike into day-to-day operations

Hi there,

Myself and a fellow PM just took the plunge with Wrike after demoing it to our executive group. We work in a small energy company that does work across all kinds of different production facilities (solar, hydro, gas turbine, etc.).

Does anyone here have a best practice guide or maybe a good youtube video on how to maximize the effectiveness of Wrike as a workflow tool?

We've got a very wide range of ages and tech levels in our company. But I would like to show everyone under our roof how Wrike can help them specifically. We previously were using a mishmash of Outlook, Excel, and Sharepoint, with a peppering of Project to track deliverables for our client. We work closely with regulatory bodies, so there is always a standard set of documents we deliver for each project.

How can we best use Wrike to track completed documentation and field work to keep everyone on each project team on the same page?

I personally pushed hard for this change and I want to ensure that I keep pushing in the right direction. Thank for any help you can give.

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Hi ishita gori, and welcome to the Community!

I would recommend checking out our Wrike Discover platform to learn more about how to utilize Wrike. There are courses about various aspects of the software designed for different levels of users. In regards to workflows, I would recommend checking out this course about how to build different kinds of workflows.

Hope this helped! If you have any other questions, let me know.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I recommend start with a specific production facility, figuring out what request type or project tracking is most important and build that out first to gain user loyalty. Training on that specific request type, project tracking, dashboard usage, and any reports is critical to ensuring your team is effective using the new platform, in addition to the Wrike Discover courses. 


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