Option to Hide Task Workflow Status from Dashboard Widget

Hi Wrike Team!

It would be incredibly helpful to have the option to hide task workflow status (i.e. "new," "in progress," etc.) from tasks in a widget in your Dashboard, just the same as you have the option to hide folder names there.

Currently, when I open my to-do list each day, it feels a little cluttered and overwhelming, because my eye is drawn to all the text in blue that says "new" under each task, rather than the actual task names. All the info I need on the dashboard is the task and due date...the "new" text is just extraneous information for my eye to filter through.

I love using Wrike, and this small change would make a huge difference for me.

Thanks for all you do!


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Hey Karina Sansom,

Thank you for sharing this suggestion here! If there are any updates or changes here, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at any time.


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