When a file is uploaded and assigned to review on a task, I pick the due date for the approval. When the team member views that said file approval on their dashboard the date that appears is from the deadline of the task, not the file approval that was assigned. Can these dates be different? Fies needs to go through the approval process before the tasks deadline. We really don't want to go back to subtasks. Is there a fix coming for this?

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Hi Shelly, right here with you on this. We've been told that while we can set "the number of days" approvers get for an approval, we cannot set a specific date thats outside of the task date. 

Our tasks usually encompass a design stage and two different internal approval stages so separate due dates within approvals would be awesome!

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Hey guys, thanks for your feedback! It's been passed on to our Product managers, when I have an update for you I'll let you know 😊


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