Desktop App for Mac - Can't drag window

I've noticed that after the desktop app on mac has been open for a bit, you can no longer drag the window to move it out of the way or to another desktop. It gets completely stuck. Ironically the actual app works fine when this happens - I can still create tasks, comment, change statuses, etc, just can't move the window. This becomes problematic because 1) it happens literally every single day multiple times a day and 2) I can't see other windows behind it because I can't move it, so I have to close the app and launch it again. 

Anyone else experienced this issue? Can it be fixed? 

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I've been running into the same issue.  I found that if I maximize the window then restore it, I'm then able to drag it.  This is just slightly better than having to close and restart Wrike.  🙄

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Hey guys, raised a Support ticket for you, our team should be in contact with you soon!


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