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It would be very helpful if there wee a "Display" question type so that we can just add some intro or descriptive text, maybe even with some formatting options like bold or italics, etc (or allow html code to be used for this). 

The ability to add a logo or other image would be very helpful (we use different forms for our different events and would like to include the event logo).

The ability to use a question as the form submission title, even if using a custom field for that question, would be so helpful!!

Also, when selecting the "Add name and email fields" option it would be very helpful if we could modify that secondary page to add some descriptive text so that we can explain why the user needs to add their name and email (because often these are questions we ask in the form itself, so it can seem redundant to the user). For example, we have a form that we ask our event speakers to fill out. They enter the speaker information and then are asked to submit name/email - sometimes this is an assistant but sometimes it's the speaker so they may wonder why they are being asked again. We'd like to add a "disclaimer" or something to indicate that this is the email address that will receive the confirmation, etc.

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Carrie Warolin - if you haven't already voted for the related request at, I hope you will... at the moment, that one is still a little under the 60 votes needed for the product team to provide status (as of this morning, sitting at 47 votes).

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but will repeat in case it helps anyone else... We currently use Formstack + Wrike Integrate for our more advanced forms, due to the more advanced functionality Formstack offers. We'd prefer to keep all our forms within Wrike but need more options for formatting and dynamic/conditional questions before we can bring all our forms back into Wrike.

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