Assigning people who are set on PTO

Before I assign my team to tasks, I schedule out our entire campaign. But when I begin scheduling my team it still allows me to assign someone who's marked as 'unavailable' on the day the task is scheduled, and in turn it is pushing parts of my project and throwing off the due dates (some of which are hard deadlines and can not move) which means I have to go back, reschedule, and reassign to someone else. 

If someone is marked off in Wrike as being OOO or unavailable, can there be an option to grey the person out or it says "Unavailable" next to their name so I can at least have a visual on who is available and who's not? This would be extremely helpful so I'm not having to move back and forth between tabs looking at a calendar or having to reschedule projects. 

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This is why having blueprints set to a role or department would be useful. In many cases within our business, I will reassign the tasks when someone is on holiday or off sick. With the auto moving - this becomes problematic.

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