[Community Member Spotlight] Patricia Davis ๐Ÿ‘‹

Iโ€™m very excited for you to see the new Community Member Spotlight featuring Patricia Davis. Patricia is our long-time ninja who provides our Community with helpful tips, great product ideas, and support.

Patricia agreed to share how she and her team work in Wrike, and Iโ€™m happy to share her knowledge and insight with you.ย 

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  1. ย  ย  Tell us a little about your role and industry.

I am the Vice President of Demarche Consulting. We work primarily in the public sector doing business process redesign, leadership, and team coaching and chartering. Our clients include large and small cities and municipalities in Washington. My background is in project management, so I think like a project manager and Iโ€™m always looking for ways to be better. Wrike helps with that.

  1. ย  ย  Why do you/your team use Wrike?

Wrike supports our consultants who are located in the city and across the US in managing our work, schedules, budgets, and allows us to share high-level status with our clients. Itโ€™s a single source of truth for us in managing our many clients. We use Wrike to determine our Go/No decision-making, Wrike supports us in managing the work we do in creating proposals, and from that, if we win the proposal, we can easily convert the proposal to a live project.

  1. ย  ย  What were you doing before Wrike?

I personally used Wrike prior to joining Demarche. I implemented the launch of Wrike at F5 Networks. The implementation was so successful that I was sold on the program. The implementation team and customer support from Wrike are top-notch. I have used quite a few other project management programs, but the service before and after had been less than stellar. I mandated that we use Wrike when I joined Demarche. They were using SmartSheet and Excel, needless to say, Wrike was a real step up.

  1. ย  ย  What is the top thing that makes you productive?

The top thing that makes us productive is the ability to access Wrike anywhere. We use it on our laptops and on our phones anywhere. We can easily capture meeting notes that are shared in real-time, files are where we can find them, and all of our client information is in one place.ย 

  1. ย  ย  What process/setup that you do in Wrike are you most proud of?ย 

There are so many processes, but I would have to say our (intake) forms are number 1. We can easily create a project that is uniform that clearly outlines all of the critical criteria for all of our proposals and live jobs โ€“ this includes setting up all of our custom fields giving us the ability to pull really detailed or high-level reports. We only focus on the work or tasks that are initiated in Wrike โ€“ no jobs or work is generated by email, hallway conversations, stickies, or smoke signals.

  1. ย  ย  If someone was thinking about using Wrike what would you say?

I would absolutely recommend Wrike. I would suggest that they put their Wrike Success Manager to work so that their version of Wrike doesnโ€™t end up being a junk drawer. The set-up, establishing good business and technical requirements, having good workflows, and processes are the keys to success.

  1. ย  ย  What value do you get out of the Community?

I love that Wrike has developed the Community.ย  I get excited when there is a problem I can help solve because I experienced the same problem.ย  Itโ€™s also good to see that my wish list items are not uniqueโ€ฆpower in numbers to make change happen is good, because the Wrike team listens.

  1. ย  ย  Fun question: If you had to be a Wrike feature which would you be and why? (Ex. @mentions, Gantt Chart, search, etc).

Again, itโ€™s hard to pick one. I would choose โ€˜formsโ€™ since that is the start of any of our projects. I like the ability to create custom fields from the intake form โ€“ thanks for adding that feature. My next favorite is the Gantt chart โ€“ what can I say, I am a project manager at heart.

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