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My team's main activity is Software development, and we are going to set up Agile process in Wrike, and possibly integrate directly with a SCM (Source Code Manager) choosing among Gitlab, Github, bitbucket.  As we will bypass Jira itself, I want to try to get the most out of Wrike.

One use of the boards is during Scrum and other team meetings.  It would be very useful to see the date a task was completed when "walking the board" and starting in the "done" column, as done items will stay there.  So you can't tell at a glance which of the top items were done yesterday, as should be the case in a sprint, and which were done say a day or two days ago.  This could make the Scrum Master look foolish if he/she can't 100% recall offhand which items were done exactly the day before.

And while on the subject, I think it would be great if you guys beefed up considerably what is shown on the cards.  Perhaps in settings you could let the user choose.  Tools such as ClickUp and allow this customizing, and it's really a benefit.  Although I'd say that there is too little currently visible on the Wrike Kanban cards, the fact that you allow images to display is huge - well done making sure that feature came through early in the history of boards.

Thanks guys!

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