Show Custom Field history not just next to field itself, but in Task stream

Hi, I wanted to follow up on this post:

Lisa, you mentioned that this hadn't had much action and you closed it.  But I see a few posts asking for what I'd like, too - have that change to the custom field be in the changelog/stream of the task.  Right now, you can't see that in there.  This is particularly problematic if the custom fields are hidden by default on the task view and you can't see when the task is initially open if there was any change at all.  You guys have done a great job with your UI on the comments/stream part of the task, the best I've seen in any PM tool.  But this is a glaring oversight.  

What I want to do is have some tasks that I'm treating as ideas or "talking points" or "decisions."  If I set up a custom field for "resolution" when the item is resolved, I can then display that in a table view and see what the team decided, very convenient.  However, I should be able to see this in the comments, as oftentimes this will be the closure of the issue and the last comment.  Without the custom field update showing in the comments, I can't see this at a glance.  And you lose some of the great benefit of your guys' otherwise excellent activity stream.

Really hoping you guys can add in this one bit of functionality since you already have custom field history set up in your code.

Thanks for listening!

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