Workload and Report view in a single view

Solution is needed for capacity planning. Suggestion to introduce an option to view worlkload view and report view within the same window. This was we can see a list of unassigned projects and available resources simultaneously to plan out projects quarter over quarter. 

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I agree. This is badly needed, especially for our Executive management team. We are considering purchasing Wrike Resource, however from demoing the add-on, we can clearly see that it is going to be challenging to do proper capacity planning in Workload without being able to view our projects against resources at a Quarterly to Yearly view. Days/weeks works great for task level planning, however is too granular for project capacity planning at an Enterprise level.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey Diana Dunbar Rodrigues, thank you for sharing your feedback here. It's been passed on to the Product team. There are currently no plans to implement this into Wrike, but if there are any changes to this we'll be sure to update this thread.
Hi Michael Kelley, our team would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can use Wrike Resource to achieve your goals. Would you like us to put you in contact with a member of our team that could assist you here and provide more detail?

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