Customize Work Schedules

It would be nice if the work schedules could be customized. We have many instances where people will work for a half day but Wrike's work schedule only allows for a full day off. We have instances where these people still need to do work (let's say 1 hour work allotment of approvals for example) But because they are forced to put in a whole day it makes it very hard to get work done. 


Please, please add in hours available!

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It would also be really great if you could clone work schedules as each work schedule is started from scratch - which means I need to spend that little extra time to allocate the public holidays each time I do a new work schedule.

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The ability to have schedules and work weeks that are no 40 hours would be very helpful to us. We are a University and employee many students part-time to help with our work. We work around their classes and other commitments and they typically work between 10-19 hours per week.

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I just changed my Work Schedule to "Wednesdays off" and now no-one in my org is allowed to work Wednesdays!
What the hell??

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