Request Form/Blueprint - Content changing depending on info imputted

Apologies for the title not really making sense

My co worker tested out Blueprint and wondered if it would be possible to... how should I word it...


Here is a scenario

Say in your Request Form there is a checkbox.

It currently contains 3 options (Easy, Medium, Hard) to respond to the following question: How problematic will the project be?

Depending on what was checked, in the gantt chart the duration task named: Machine Design Phase will change depending on what is picked.

5 days for easy

7 days for medium

10 days for hard


Is there any way to do so in order to avoid the hassle of creating multiples blueprint?

And if not, do any of you folks think a feature like this might be beneficial?


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Hey Tran, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community 🙂 

As I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong), you'd like to create different tasks from a Blueprint depending on the option that is chosen in the Request Form. 

In Wrike, when you start creating a Request Form, you choose an item to be created upon Form submission (create new task / duplicate task / create task from Blueprint etc.). That means that you can choose one item from the list of options. The workaround here would be to create a Blueprint task for the three options (Easy with a 5-day duration, Medium with a 7-day duration, Hard with a 10-day duration) and three separate Request Forms. Ask your question "How problematic will the project be?" and give the three links to the three different Request Forms where depending on the option, a Blueprint task with a correct duration will be created upon the Form submission.

I hope that helps and please let me know if that's close to what you're looking to do; I'll be happy to discuss further 🙌

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