Gantt Chart Status Rollup & Filtering

Currently marking all sub-tasks in a Gantt Chart as complete does not roll up to summary tasks.  Put differently, summary task status does not inherit status of sub tasks.  In MS Project, marking all sub tasks as complete will roll up and leave the summary task indicated as complete as well.  It would be great if Wrike implemented this.

Similarly, when filtering a Gantt view by status, there is no opportunity to indicate at which level you are concerned.  If, for example, you had a summary task with four sub tasks, two of which were marked as complete, then when filtering for active tasks you would see the summary task and two incomplete tasks, but not the two completed tasks.  If a summary task is not complete then it should be possible to view all sub tasks irrespective of their individual status indicators.  The reverse is true as well.  When filtering for tasks with a status of complete, sub tasks belonging to a summary task that is not yet marked as complete should not be displayed.  Or it should at least be configurable.

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Upvoting this one as well - need a way way to automate the status disposition for summary tasks and filter them out properly. For projects that are years long, the sub tasks and summary tasks can get exhaustive and without proper updates, this could reflect incorrectly on reporting and dashboards. If I have completed the 5 subtasks under a summary task but forgot to mark the summary task as completed, then this entire summary task will show up as not yet completed. 

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This would be very helpful, as was stated above having the task status rollup would make keeping track of the different statuses much simpler and less time-consuming. Not just in the Gantt view, but in the Table view and List view too.

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This is exactly what I'm facing when reporting projects status to the management. I'm reporting selected summary tasks, however I have to change the status manually, which is time consuming and exposed to mistakes. If any subtask status is In Progress than the summary task should be automatically In Progress. If all subtasks are completed than the summary task should be completed. Preferably it shows the % Completion based on the progress of the subtasks. 

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Thanks for supporting this suggestion Ali Alemadi 🤗

With Wrike's Automation engine, it's possible to set up a rule for changing the tasks' statuses automatically depending on the subtasks' statuses:

Please let me know if this can be helpful in your case? 

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