Email automatically adds people to tasks

I often send email that I want added to a task.  Rather than send the email and then forward it to the task email address, I bcc the task email address in the original email.  However, I now understand that shares the tasks with the email recipients.  Often times I don't want the task shared as it's part of my personal/private to do list and can also contain information not intended for wider audience.

Is there a way to edit email settings so that people included on these emails are not automatically shared into the task?

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Hey Brian, happy to see you on the Community 🙂

When creating a task via email, the task is shared with the email recipients as well as with the people who are already shared on the Folder where the task is added. You can prevent a task from being shared with other email recipients (who the Folder is not already shared with) by adding their email address in the email’s “BCC” field.

Please let me know if that helped 🙌

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