Organizing request forms and workflow view/mgmt


I would love to be able to organize the pages within a request form in a way other than "move up/down one page." Our marketing team created a few forms that look short from the user side, but has a lot of yes/no conditional aplits that can multiply  the page count by quite a bit. Examples of these questions:

Q: is this a new campaign or follow up? ➡️ If follow up ask for name/ref# of previous campaign

Q: does the campaign offer special pricing/discounts? ➡️ Please upload a spreadsheet with skus/prices

Q: does this campaign require sales force engagement ➡️ ask about types of engagements (CRM lead details, lead goals, reporting, etc)

Q: If the target audience is a specific list vs a standard company segments ➡️ please upload the contact info list.

So as you can see from my above, the number of pages grow fast. What I'm hoping to see:

1. View pages in a thumbnail view and easily reorder them by dragging them around

2. Illustrate the direction of pages with arrows, but most importantly, illustrate conditional splits ("if selected go to page...") as lines/arrows between the pages.

The best way to describe this is that forms can easily turn into a workflow the minute you introduce dynamic redirects. This requires a different and higher view of the form. For a good example of how I envision this, Google "Hubspot Workflow."

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Hi, me again, I was wondering if someone from the community team can shed some light on the next planned enhancements for request forms. I'd love to see what's on the dev roadmap for this critical feature. 


Thank you!

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