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I work in product manufacturing and i am trying to schedule product launches and need to be able to schedule around chinese new yesrs. Because I am planning so far out I would like our projects to take chinese new year into account, knowing that production tasks cannot happen during this holiday (though the rest of the US team is working). I know there is the calendar feature when you can mark specific people having a holiday so that tasks assigned to them cannot happen over that time, but in this case our manufacturers are not in wirke so thier tasks arent tied to one of those calendars. I've tried creating a task called "CNY" but the task moves as other scheudled events move, and because its 3-4 weeks only i cannot make it a milestone task. Any other ideas?

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Here's the workaround I would see:

1. In the "account mangement", you'll see the the left menu called "work schedules". You should be able to create a custom work schedule with the chinese calendar.

2. Create a "collaborator" user named "Chinese manufacturer" and apply him your chinese calendar (in the work schedules menu).

3. Assign a task called "Chinese production" to your "Chinese manufacturer user". If you set your dependencies (gantt chart) correctly, that should do it. 

You could also assign another person to this task if you want to follow it.


I hope this help!

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