Basic Reports Functionality Needed in the Professional Version of Wrike

I just purchased Wrike Professional for 10-users and was fully expecting there to be some basic reports printing capability such as Gantt chart, completed tasks, unstarted tasks, tasks in progress and a budget report. Much to my surprise, there wasn't any of these basic reports available for viewing and printing.  I know that you can perform an export of the Gantt chart for a project in Wrike Professional, and then print or forward that PDF, but that's about it!

I know that the Business version of Wrike has an entire Reports module with the ability to build customized reports, but to have absolutely no reports available in the Professional version of Wrike is too drastic a step-down.  Some clients may not be able to afford upgrading to the Business version of Wrike, and so they would be stuck with no report-printing capabilities.

I worked in IT in Toronto, Canada for over 25 years, 8 of which was spent working for GE Capital Technology Services, and 16 of which was spent running my own successful IT company.  We also developed off-the-shelf and custom software packages for large clients across Canada, and I cannot imagine building and releasing even the basic version of a software package without some basic report generation and printing capabilities.

For comparison, the Wrike developers should take a look at the CRM cloud-based software called Insightly ( which has report printing built right into the base version. They also offer a free 2-user version to get you started.

Hoping that the development team and upper management at Wrike take this suggestion very seriously,

Anthony Hadeed, M.Sc. PCC (ICF)
CEO / Leadership, Career and Life Coach
YourLifePurpose Limited 

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Like Anthony, I would like to - seamlessly and without additional effort beyond making some choices in a widget - provide up-to-the-minute information to EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS and INTERNAL CLIENTS that do not, will not, don't need to have access to our work directly in Wrike.

We spend so much energy getting Wrike items categorized, and appropriately detailed with all our info and status. And it is very frustrating to have to 1) Write a separate report with the same information or 2) spend a 1/2 hour reformatting and adjusting the data that came out in the raw excel dump.

I hope people will stop and take a moment to vote this up to keep it in front of the developer team as an important need.

Thanks Anthony!


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi there! If you are interested in discussing Wrike's Professional subscription directly with our Product team, please check out this post 🙂

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