Duplicate a task to a whole group of users

If I want to create a task that should be completed by several users, each for oneself, it would be very helpful to have a function "Duplicate to [usergroup]".

So I create one initial task (or a blueprint), but the result should be several independet tasks, one assigned to each user.

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Is there any easy fix for this?  I have a team of 13 and within my users that I often want to assign tasks to, but have to wade through all the users to assign multiple members .  If I want each to do the task, then I have to individually create a sub-tasks an assign each of the 13 individually - is there a streamlined option?

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Hi Tanya Morret,

maybe I can help you with a workaraound, If the asigness are mor or less the same: Create a bluprint task with subtasks for each user. Use a universal name for the subtasks, e.g. "Read the parent task". So you have to to the work only once, and you can create new tasks for your team using the blueprint and just have to edit the name and descrition of the new parent task.

It's quite a bad workaround, I know, but maybe it helps until wrike does better...


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