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I saw this blog post, and was looking at request form number 2 which I'd like to implement. I tried adding a related project tab there, but I would like ot have one further feature which would be to select a subfolder with a relative bath in the "when user submits form" option.

So like, if I choose "android app 1 refactor" on my related projects drop down, I want to redirect it to the "AndroidApp1Refactor" project/issues folder, and if "android app 2 refactor" is select I want to redirect it to the "AndroidApp2Refactor" correct relative project/issues. Is there a way to do this without just hardcoding to the errors folder?

Or possibly I'm thinking about the way to organize this way incorrectly?



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I may be misunderstanding, but there is a way to add a folder to a request form, based on an answer to a drop down. See below.  I have this for one of my forms, with the whole thing directed to My InBox, so i see it, but then i remove it from my InBox and go with the redirected folder based on the selected answers.   I also use this method to place inbound requests into a priority folder.  I ask how soon is this needed, and based on the drop down they select, it goes into the proper priority folder.  I hope this helps. 


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