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I would like to modify and existing dashboard but do not see how to do that. The only options I see are Duplicate, Rename, or delete. Am I overlooking something?


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If you mouse over the upper right-hand side of a "widget" in the dashboard you will see an ellipsis "..." looking thing show up.  Click on that and a you will find the "Edit" menu item. 


If you want to add a new Widget there is a "+ New Widget" link in the upper right. 



More info about editing dashboard widgets:


Edit: accidentally linked to a video in my own Wrike.  Not sure how to link to it, but it is in the Wrike Assistant on the bottom right. 

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Thank you! I was trying to find option in the '...' at dashboard level.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Still are some Widgets that can not be edited.

This Help Portal article help me understad, Dashboard Widgets

where it says:

Please note, you can not edit widgets created from templates (except the “Active Tasks by Assignee” and “Task by Status” templates), widgets based on search results, or widgets based on Analytics charts.



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