Disable the tasklists (checkbox) in task description or automatically convert them to subtasks

If you have a task and you have work for that task that you want detail out more you have 2 ways of doing almost the same thing:

  1. You could use a checklist in the description of the task
  2. You can create subtasks

If all this work is for the same person and has the same deadline than the task it could make sense to use the checklist functionality but if at a later time you conclude that one (or more) of the items in the checklist should be assigned to another person or has a different deadline it is not possible to convert this checklist.

So overall the checklist is a way to "assign" and/or "track" work but it falls outside the normal Wrike way of tracking work. It could be that in certain scenarios using checklists makes sense but if as a company you want to use Wrike to drive consistent processes we should not have 2 ways of tracking work. So I would like to request that there would be a option to disable the tasklist (checkbox) functionality. This would allow companies that want to only use tasks and subtasks to track work to enforce this.

Alternatively an easy way to convert checklists to subtasks would still allow 2 way to track work but allow without re-entering all data if the need arises (different person or date) to switch from checklist to subtasks

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Deciding to use sub tasks or check boxes is far too much of a case-by-case decision to make it an account-wide option.

For instance, I have a task that tracks community post links that I've noticed and want to share with others in my organization. I wait until I have at least a handful of links before distributing them, so I often have a couple sitting around that I've not acted on yet. To make each of those links into a separate sub task would be tedious and confusing, but using check boxes allows me to quickly track which ones I've sent out and which ones are in the queue.

On the other hand, individual items of work in a project for my main job will be assigned to different people and may need to have different threads of notes. This scenario should definitely use sub tasks, but even there, small pieces of work that don't have multiple steps or a checklist to make sure some small detail of a project isn't forgotten make much more sense as check boxes.

If users are using Wrike on an organization's account to manage some of their individual responsibilities in addition to their main job role, different scenarios can come up very quickly that make check boxes much more useful.

So, an option to disable check boxes would only remove functionality for people that could still legitimately use it. Your alternative for a way to quickly convert checklists to sub tasks sounds much more useful.


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