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Hi Wrike Community,

Our folder setup is as follows:

Department Name:
   Department Active Projects
      Project A
           Task 1
           Task 2
           Task 3
      Project B
           Task 1
           Task 2
   Department Archived Projects

When should we be archiving the tasks within the projects? Is it when the project itself is complete or is it when each task is complete? 

Happy Monday😀

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Hi Devon Marie, thanks for reaching out 🙌

I'd say archive the project with all the tasks within it when the project is completed, as the folder is called "Department Archived Projects". When the project is not completed yet, and you start archiving completed tasks in it, it can be less easy to access them when you need to clarify something. But that's just an opinion 🙂 

It would be great if other Community members could share their thoughts on this!

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