Still struggling how to get a full-project gantt/table view

This is the first thing we tried to do with Wrike and we still can't figure it out... because we use folders for tagging, we typically have tasks in multiple folders. This means when we view a whole project, everything is structured by folders... this gives us two problems when we want to generate a gantt chart for our customer:

  1. It is messy showing them all the folders, especially since several are not for their use e.g. our internal folder setup is not something they need to see
  2. Items are inevitably listed multiple times once per folder and this makes the chart much larger and harder to understand

might be able to do this via a custom report but even that hasn't worked for us so far, and we'd much rather use the built in views.

So, how can I just see the state of all tasks belonging to a project/folder (and it's sub-folders) but not caring about folder structure and only showing every task once?

I can see some ideas by adding another level of folder structure e.g. all my tasks in a project get tagged in some folder PROJECT/"project items" and then I run the gantt on that folder instead of PROJECT but it sounds rather error-prone.

Maybe there is a feature request in this? Because to me this seems one of the very core tasks for a PM tool - so much so I'm wondering what everyone else does.

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Hey John, thanks for posting on the Community 🙂

I think that changing your project/folder structure described in your post might help a lot. However, it would be great to hear how other Wrike users do project reporting using Gantt Chart!

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