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Note from Wrike Team: Check out Showing subtasks in Dashboard when also on parent task to vote for the original request.

I would love to be able to see my subtasks independently of their parent tasks in Dashboard mode instead of nestled under. It doesn't make sense to see subtasks that have an earlier due date under a project that isn't due until further out. I'd like my subtasks to move up on my list the way tasks do.

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I see the use for this. I want this from time to time as well. However, sometimes I want even more identification of sub-tasks than there currently is on dashboards. For some situations, I want subtasks listed independently, and others, I want to group and hide related tasks together to de-clutter my dashboard.

Perhaps this could be a setting on the widget?

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Hi guys, the option to just see subtasks or just tasks doesn't exist. This is the normal logic of how Dashboard widgets work.

The filters you choose will determine what you see in your Widget. So if you only want to see subtasks you may need to work a filter-able attribute to your Subtasks. For example, I've seen some people add a checkbox Custom Field to Subtasks, they then tick it when the task is a subtask, then when creating a widget (or even a Report) you can filter by this checkbox so you'll only see these tasks - it's a workaround or best practice using the current logic.

This post is actually a duplicate of this request from Aaron. It would be great to see your vote there so all votes are consolidated for the Product Team's review 👍


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