Sharing subtask context

We have multiple tasks like this:

Task A (Task name: Project A)

* Action 1

* Action 2

Task B (Task name: Project B)

* Action 1

* Action 2

And so on. All subtasks names are the same across the tasks as they are duplicated from a previous completed project.

Sometimes, we need to @ users that do not have the tasks shared. This leads to the pinged user having 0 knowledge of whether the subtask is for Project A or B, as the main task is not shared with them automatically.

Is there a setting where we can automatically share the main task if a subtask is shared? If not, how can we approach this problem?

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Hi Sangbin, thanks for your question 🙂

What if instead of sharing a subtask you share the parent Task? That way the subtask is shared automatically. 

Please let me know if that can help you, we can discuss this further here 🙌

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