Ability to color code cards in board view

We need this feature as well (color coding of task cards, the entire card) however, we need the flexibility to set the visibility to a global view (personal view) so that global view color cannot be changed on a large scale. Right click on Folder/Project>Card color>(options, Visible to All, Visible to Individual)>[available color choices with meanings], where hover over brings up pop-up with optional text. 

Instead of the cards defaulting to white

We can either select the color from the predetermined options (with text clarification) or have a predetermined factor that dictates their color, such as workflow status, dependencies, or assigned role that changes the card color.

Yes, I know we can build a custom calendar as a work around to do something similar but why would I do that when I have a Kanban board where I want to manage my projects in an Agile fashion and create a very non-Agile method to get my team there.  I don't want to build a boat to get to the dock when I should be building a bridge.  Thank you.

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