Can you customize project statuses?



It appears that Wrike has the following project statuses out of the box:

  1. Green: the project is on track and will finish on time.
  2. Yellow: minor setbacks, the project deadline may be affected.
  3. Red: the project is behind schedule, the deadline will be missed.
  4. On-hold: the project is on-hold.
  5. Cancelled: the project has been cancelled.
  6. Completed: the project has been completed.

Is it possible to customize these?

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Marek, I don't think that is an option, yet. :D  Check out the Projects Page which covers, well, Projects. :D 


Marek, I just came across a post where this was requested earlier as an update to Wrike. It is in the works, coming to a Wrike app near you soon.  You can follow the conversation here


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