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I can't zoom in like on Gantt Chart, can only see the first letter of the tasks that are for, say 2h, on that day. Need to be able to stretch it to see only one day, or one week, etc. 


As a supervisor, i want to create a workload chart of my team's tasks. Of course, they can all see everyone's tasks, however, i don't want them to see the workload chart i made. It's not their business to see how busy Mary is, yet Jane has nothing to do; or as that may appear on the chart, yet not be correct.  I hope that makes sense. Seeing everyone's tasks is ok, but seeing their workload, i think should be an option to be not shared.

The original demo video showed an option, where if a task was shared, you could select to see only that task and it's assignee's so you could adjust the effort accordingly. That is not there now and it makes it difficult to make the adjustment. 

I didn't see a current thread on this, if there is one, someone please let me know. 

Thank you.

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Hey Marj, happy new year! 😊

I know the team is thinking a lot about sharing logic like with Reports, Workload and Calendars however I have no solid information right now. 

I don't see anything specifically about Workload sharing elsewhere on Community so I'm happy to leave this feedback here and let the relevant team know about it too. You can always vote on anything similar that might come up too.

As for the size of the text 🤔Would it be at all possible to share a screenshot (one without any internal sensitive info) just so I can see exactly what you're seeing? Thanks :)

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