We are new to Wrike so we do not have a years worth of info in the system yet but one of my managers is asking if we can run a "Year Review" report for all projects that took place in the previous year per folder.  I'm thinking yes since we can customize dates but just want to make sure before I answer since I can't test it out.  




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Hi Julie, thanks for posting on the Community 🙂
Yes, you can run such a report. First, go to Reports and click to create a new one. Then use the Report Builder to choose the data to report on - in your case, "Report type" will be Projects. In the "Source data" choose the Folders that contain Projects you want to report on. Then you can apply Filters. To have a Report that displays the previous year's Projects, I'd suggest using the Time frame Filter. After that you can choose a Layout for your Report. Reports can be shared and exported, of course 🙂
In addition, feel free to check out our Webinar on Reports - it'll help you learn useful tips and tricks on how to build them.
Any further questions, just get back to me here 👍

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