Repeating Dependencies in Sub-Projects

I'm looking for an easier way to organize my projects with dependencies. I'm working with a product development launch timeline and currently have it organized that each seasonal launch is a project which consists of the timeline, in the form of milestones. Each development is a sub-project within the launch project, which consists of tasks that are dependencies for the timeline milestones. 

I find myself getting overwhelmed by the repeated tasks that each development requires. I've mapped out a quick idea of my structuring. My goal is to keep each development's progress and details documented but also see the launch's progress as a whole, as my team approaches the milestones along the launch timeline.



Spring 2019 Launch (project)

      Create Drawings 11-9-18 (milestone)

      Production Models 12-14-18 (milestone)

      Photo Samples 1-4-18 (milestone)

   Product 1 (sub-project)

         Create Drawing- Product 1 (task, dependency for Create Drawings milestone)

         Production Model- Product 1 (task, dependency for Production Models milestone)

         Photo Sample- Product 1 (task, dependency for Photo Samples milestone)

   Product 2 (sub-project)

         Create Drawing- Product 2 (task, dependency for Create Drawings milestone)

         Production Model- Product 2 (task, dependency for Production Models milestone)

         Photo Sample- Product 2 (task, dependency for Photo Samples milestone)


I don't doubt there's a much easier way to achieve this so I'm open to hearing drastic restructuring ideas, though I'm hoping a small tweak is all that's necessary. 

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Hey Evan, thanks for reaching out 🙂
I'd firstly suggest you remove the milestones - they might have overcomplicated your Project structure if they're just being used for tracking progress
Generally, I would use Reports to track a Project's progress, no matter how complicated it is. Reports help simplify it for tracking purposes. You can base the Report on Product 1 and Product 2. Then using the Report Builder, choose to group a table-type Report by Status. This means you'll have a table view of every Task at a glance and what status they are currently in. If you need to take a closer look at the Tasks, you can quickly access them from the Report by clicking on any Task's name. Using Reports here saves you having to check each task in your Folder, and instead you have a holistic view of the entire Project whenever you need it.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the Report builder, I'll be happy to discuss 👍
This would be my approach but perhaps others take a different approach (that's the beauty of Wrike). I'll move this to Best Practices section of Community for others to join the conversation 🙂

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