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Is there a way to have custom fields in your request form that are not in the folder where the projects are mapped to? I do not want to enable every custom field for that folder because I have department specific folders which they will copy into as well. The department specific folders are where the custom fields are. 

General Folder without custom fields:

Department Folder with custom fields:

Here is a screenshot of our folder structure.

Currently the request form is mapped to place all projects under "_Project Requests" and then dynamically mapped to place department specific requests into the department project request folder. 

IE. A request from a Contracting Team Member will be placed in both the "_Project Requests" folder and "Operations & Contracting Project Requests" folder


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Hi Devon, thanks for your post 🙂 
This is a tricky one! Custom Fields need to exist in the Project to which you are mapping a Request Form. The solution might be to change your Folder structure here a little bit so you can add Custom Fields only to the Project you need them in, or to create a specific Folder that will contain the Custom Fields you need for the Request Forms.
Looking forward to hearing if anyone else here that had the same issue and how they resolved it 🙌

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Hi Devon Marie Valastro

I was looking for something else, but I stumbled upon this topic. Don't know if you are still looking for that. 

But the way I did that is to get a folder with all of the custom field, select it when creating the form, then change it. 

For example, I have a folder "Z" with all of my custom field in it. So when creating the form, I place it in the folder "Z". When making the drop down question, the list automaticly populate itself. Then, I change the folder to which I want my request to go to, folder "A". 

The dropdown list that was grayed out,  now becomes white and your able to modify it. 

If you change the list in your custom field, simply go back to "Z" then to "A" and the list changes itself. 


Hope this helps! 

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So you have 1 single folder within the project, within a space, or within the entire account where you create all custom fields? 

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Hi, Brianna Labarge, 

For me, it is one folder per space. 

But it does't have  ALL of the custom fields. Only those that I want my forms to match.


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A work around that I just found is to change the folder that the task or project is placed into to whatever folder has those custom fields, then update your form to link those custom fields, then change it back to the folder that you actually want those tasks/ projects placed into. 


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