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Currently I create smart task based calendars for team members so I can view who is working on what in a given week. However, if assignees are assigned to the same task, when I see it on the calendar - it only shows up on one of the assignees. The expected behavior would be to see the task listed on EACH assignees calendar. Additionally, the calendar the task is displayed on changes based on which calendar is selected to be viewed first. 

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Hoping for help on Workload Management Calendar.   Put a Campaign on Hold and it now individual Tasks are not showing for me when I look at the team's Workload Calendar but the time still appears to be blocked out where Tasks were scheduled.   Another admin, looks at the same calendar and still sees the Task and hours.   I'm wondering a) why the difference and b) why do the hours still show booked if Campaign is on Hold status.   Is there a place I can look for answers for this or place to update setting changes so that I'm seeing all the Tasks or time slotted for each team members workload Tasks like the other Admin?   Also how do we remove the task time when Campaign is put on Hold?   Thanks.

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Hi Michelle Lundy, I've asked my colleagues from the Support team to look into your questions which you've also posted in this thread 👍

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