How to use folders properly for backlog, sprints, etc

I haven't fully understand folders in Wrike. They seem to work more like tags, which makes the name a bit confusing!

Let's say I set up our project requirements in a Folder Backlog. Now I create Current Sprint for stuff we want to do in the next 2 weeks. Should I move things out of Backlog into Current Sprint, or should they be in both? 

Then I want to get a gantt chart showing the projection for the entire project. It seems this always displays grouped by folders. So the result is messy, it shows all our sprints (current and completed), backlog, etc... if an issue is in multiple folders it shows up multiple times, etc.

What is a typical/good way to handle all this?

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Instead of using folders to setup your workflow try using the Workflow feature.  You can organize your requirements/tasks in a folder per project and then promote them through the workflow as they move from backlog to current sprint to completed.  This way all your tasks are in a single folder which simplifies the Gantt chart view.  It also allows you to leverage Wrike's filtering and reporting features since they're geared around the Workflow feature.  

Check out Settings -> Account Management -> Workflows to see what's offered


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