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The new workload view and the fundamental change in the way tasks are going to be used with effort allocation, unfortunately for us makes no sense and is of no use. We don't schedule people to work on an 8 hour task 2 hours a day over 4 days. We work 8 straight hours and get that task done before moving on to the next task. 

Because of the effort allocation you are planning on incorporating into all new tasks, you are having to change the entire interface of the workload view, which for us is the single most important tool in wrike. The new interface doesn't zoom horizontally, and takes up way too much screen real estate vertically. It makes viewing large/long projects very difficult and requires a lot of scrolling up and down and left and right just to see the big picture.

Also, you're supposedly sunsetting the current workload view and taking it away from customers who don't pay the upgrade fee for the new workload view. I honestly can't believe you're doing this. You're taking features away, and asking for more money for new features that are inferior (for us) to the current workload view. 

Plus, to test out this new workload view that you asked us to do, we would have to enable effort on over 4000 of our current tasks one at a time. There's no way we have time to do this to test out a feature that we don't even want. Plus, when you put us on the trial for this new feature you killed the orange bar (overallocation) feature of our current workload.

We experienced the same type of problems when you upgraded last  year to the new timeline. You "upgraded" but took away many key important existing features and functionality. We're giving you this feedback as a long standing customer who likes and relies on your product.

Please don't fix what isn't broken. Please stop taking current features away. Please don't add new functionality without allowing your customers to continue working the way they currently use your product. Things like this are forcing us to look at alternative platforms out of necessity.

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I completely agree with Kelly. We just adopted Wrike back in August - September and the whole reason why I chose this product over others out there is that of the workload view. To hear, shortly after purchasing the product, that you will be sunsetting the thing that convinced us to buy Wrike in the first place is very upsetting. ESPECIALLY when it requires us having to pay MORE for something we don't really need. We are just fine with the original workload view and are disappointed to hear that it is going to be taken away from us and that if we even want something close to it, despite the fact that it is not useful for us, that we have to pay additional for it. 

This is very disappointing for sure! We would like the ability to keep the original workload view that convinced us over this product in the first place. 

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@Kelly & @Celeste
Apologies for any miscommunication and we appreciate your feedback on this.  We have decided to sunset the existing Workload View due to the compatibility constraints with our latest technology and functionality in Wrike.  Our aim is to provide you with the most innovative and advanced features and best user experience so enhancements like this are sometimes necessary. 
We recently launched a new feature, Wrike Resource, where new Workload charts were introduced along with many other advanced functionalities. 
We understand every company has different requirements when managing their resources and you may not need all the advanced features offered with Wrike Resource.  So, those who are currently happy with the existing Workload View can continue using it until we migrate to a new updated Workload View during 2019 which will offer the same functionalities while enhancing its compatibility with your Wrike Workspace. 
I hope that helps and adds some clarity around what's happening with the Workload View. Any other questions, let me know 👍
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I'm so happy to hear that Wrike won't be completely doing away with the current workload view. This is mainly because it does what we need, other than being able to calculate in percentages, but it doesn't sound like that is something Wrike will be moving towards. Anyways, the main reason I was concerned is that we didn't want to be forced to have to pay for Wrike Resource when we have a perfectly good workload view that does what we need and is not an additional charge. We are a small company and cannot pay for additional features when we are already paying a good penny on Wrike itself. 


Thank you for the clarification! 

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why my Wrike does not have workload view?

what should I do?


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Hi mina ziaei, apologies for the delay here. 

Do you still need assistance? If so, let us know and we'll be more than happy to help 👍

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