Updating Due Dates on Completed Tasks

If you need to go back and adjust the due date of a task that was previously marked completed you'll need to mark that task and all its successors in progress before you shift the date.  If you shifted the date, then marked the task and/or its successors as in progress you'll get a red dependency links on the Gantt chart.

A branch roll up will not force the tasks to update.  You'll need to mark all the successors as in progress, go back to the task you were looking to change, move the date back to it's original date, then push it out again. Tasks should update accordingly. 

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Super tip! Thanks for sharing 🙌

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Good tip Jason, 

Can you describe why you would need to do this? If a task is completed, why are you adjusting the due date? Curious what we can learn from this...

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The deliverables for a task were redefined after completing it.  That didn't happen until a few days after it was marked complete and several subsequent tasks were marked complete.  I don't know that there is anything to change in the tool.  It's more about process and building out expectations, KPI's, and deliverables earlier with confirmed buy-in from all stakeholders.  

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for sharing this!  This is actually something that I've experienced as problematic.  Maybe this would be a better post under Product Feedback (if it's not already there).  One thing I would like to see happen is when a task is completed early (or late), the completion date becomes the date that dependencies are driven off (with a baseline maintained as the original project was created).  This would prevent the need to go through the steps you are talking about, especially if subsequent tasks have already been completed like you mention.  Additionally, it would help us determine if a project is coming in ahead or behind the original schedule to determine where we need to throw more resources.


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