Excel Import Duplicating Task in 2nd folder

When I create a duplicate task row under a second folder location path in my Excel file for Wrike upload, I always get a "Failure" message that states "An error at row xx (Identifier must be positive 0)".

Row xx is my first occurrence of a task duplicated from above and it is placed under a row showing the path for an existing folder that I want the duplicate task to be put into.

My Excel upload form is a macro enabled spreadsheet that is populated with data that I fill in on another "Input" tab.

The only way I can get the "Failure" message from occurring and my import to work, is by Pasting Special - Values every duplicate task row to the duplicate task row locations in the spreadsheet.  I don't want to have to do this every time.


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Hi Tracey, I think this question is best suited to the Support Team so I've raised a ticket there. They'll likely need to take a look at the sheet to understand fully what's happening. They'll be in touch soon to help! 👍👍

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