Using Forms to collect additional information on tasks

 I have an existing task and I need to collect more information on that task from someone who is not a WRIKE user. I wanted to send a form that points back to the task. Is that possible?

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Hi Tony, sorry for the long delay getting back here. For this kind of question, you are best to post in our How-To section.

In case you haven't found the answer:

You have two choices, add the person aa Collaborator (free license). You can then give them access to the task so they can work on it.

Alternatively you can create a form, however, data submitted via the form will not update the task. What it will generate is a Task itself and you can have that task to generate in the same Folder as the task in question. So the information request form information won't be in the same task but it'll generate within the same Folder for context - please let me know if you have any questions 👍


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