Ability to customize importance level

Right now a task's importance level is "absolute" and an inherent value of a task/card. However, multiple teammates assigned to a card might want to prioritize differently within their own views. One person might want to make the importance level of the card "low" - because for that person, the level is low. However, another person tagged to the card might carry the brunt of the work and need to make it high priority. 

It would be great to have a way to show the card's importance level as a different based on the user logged in. 

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Hi Emilie, thanks for adding your feature suggestion 🙂 You're right, each Task has its own importance level, but there's also a Priority feature. Priority influences the order of the Tasks in the List view. You can sort Tasks by dragging and dropping them in the List View to change their priority order. Tasks at the top are considered highest priority. So different people can set up different priorities regardless of the importance level of Tasks. Please let me know if that could help your team 🙌

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How do you show priority other than in a hierarchical list? All I see is a drag and drop to move tasks around but there doesn't seem to be any tags associated with priority. I know there are tags associated with importance... 

Both seem to have some critical problems: 

Importance does not allow an individual user to set their own value—one task may be more important to one user than another.

Priority does not have a clear tagging system allowing other stake holders to truly understand what is high vs medium vs low priority.

When I need to show project priorities then we can actually schedule those tasks. The scheduling is not that same as setting priority. Other users can schedule tasks but that does not grant those tasks any Importance or Priority.

Unless am I missing something here? 

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Hi Jonathan King,

Thank you for sharing these examples and your use case here, they've been passed on to the Product team.

Priority sorting is not tagged and is based on where the task is moved to in the list via drag and drop. One possible workaround for this would be to create a custom field labeled Criticality and tag tasks with the appropriate level of priority. This way, you can quickly see their priority in the task view or Table view, and you can create a report sorting each task by their chosen level to quickly see which tasks should be completed first.

I hope this helped! If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know.

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